I plan on blogging a lot about healing and alternative healing, however I’m not a doctor or a nutritionist, this is just a hobby of mine. If you are sick please see your doctor. All my blogs are for informational purposes only and I am in no way responsible for the way you use my information. Thank you.


A Little about me

I’m a substitute teacher. I really enjoy this job. I love working with the students and I learn something new everyday when I sub. I don’t sub everyday. I have some health issues and right now I see a doctor quite a bit. I really like the flexibility of this job. 

I enjoy writing and hope one day to publish a book. I also enjoy blogging and photography  and my pets and family. I enjoy walking and hiking in forests. 

I enjoy my healing crystal collection and reading cards. I’m lucky enough to be clairaudient and can hear my guides and Angels. I hope one day I can also be clairvoyant.

I’m doing a veganuary challenge this month so far it’s only going so so. But I have been vegetarian this month.

I’m also looking into getting into better shape. During inclement weather I work out on the wii, a game called walk it out. I will be keeping everyone up to date on things and will be posting about cards, crystals and the benefits of fruits and vegetables weekly. I hope you’ll all enjoy. 

Card Reading 

I chose The Sirian Starseed Tarot; the Transition card. This card is about endings and new beginnings. For us to have wonderful new and exciting new beginnings we must often endure sometimes hard endings. Whenever we are faced with difficult endings it’s good to remember that new beginnings are just around the corner, if not already there. What do I need to give up in my life to enjoy a new beginning? What new beginnings am I enjoying right now? 

A New Year

So, what are your new year resolutions? I’d like to share one of mine and that goal is to be vegan by end of June. I’m taking the veganuary challenge this month. That is where you eat vegan for the month of January. I feel this is important for my health and also the health of the planet and the animals. I’m doing this challenge with my sister and we will encourage each other.

I hope you enjoy your new year and everyone gets what they want this year.

Card Reading

I picked Amethyst from Crystal Reading Cards by Rachelle Charman. This card has to do with meditation. Do you meditate? How do you meditate?  Meditation can bring a deep sense of clarity,  balance and healing. Meditation allows a deep connection to your inner answers and wisdom. If you are under any stress, take some time each day to meditate. Some great ways to meditate include breath work, gardening, gym, surfing,art, dancing, and anything that allows your mind to be still and you to be present in the moment.

My First Channeling

I have been working with Ashtar for a while now and he gave me my first channeling a few days ago. I thought I would share it.

“I’m going to talk about God today. I have a few things I would like to talk about. One thing is God. I want to remind everyone of His glorious characteristics. I want to remind everyone of His mercy and kindness, and how much love He has for us.

Next, I will be talking about goals. How do I achieve them? I will tell you, you must feel the goal as though it is already accomplished. You must feel it with your whole heart and your whole body; then you must work towards that feeling in your heart and body.

Next I would like to talk about health. I would like to remind everyone to take care of their temples where their spirit resides, by eating well and exercising.

Take care.”


Ulexite is one of my favorite stones now. It helps with clairvoyance and it acts upon the third eye to open interdimensional gates, so that one can see and interact with beings from the higher planes. It can be programmed to allow one to connect with extraterrestrials, guides and other entities. It activates latent intuitive abilities. It is a stimulant to both the imagination and creativity. Telepathy can be awakened by meditating or sleeping with Ulexite. This is information from The pocket Book Of Stones who they are and what they teach revised and expanded edition by Robert Simmons

A Dream

I had a dream the other night I just wanted to mention because it is important.  It had a very clear meaning to me. My dream was about earthquakes and being in one. When I woke up I intuitively knew that I needed to prepare for one in case one comes. I live in the Northern California/Nevada area. I think everyone in this area or any earthquake prone area needs to be prepared.  Remember to have lots of water and food such as granola bars and foods you don’t need to cook or refrigerate. Also have first aid stuff you can easily carry with you and some extra clothes, and any meds, ect. I think this dream was very clear to me, and I just wanted to remind everyone to be prepared just in case.